The Nittany Lion looks out from a 
Central Pennsylvania doubly terminated quartz crystal.  Artwork © John Passaneau.
Nittany Mineralogical Society, Inc.
State College, Pennsylvania


       HOME PAGE        MORE LINKS We take field trips to collect minerals, fossils and lapidary materials in active quarries and elsewhere. These trips are only for paid members of the NMS. Interested members are placed on an e-mail or telephone notification list, and we announce the plans to them.

We concentrate our efforts on localities where individuals are not allowed access. Our liability insurance policy and contacts with quarry operators may make the difference in getting the club in. We have two or three favorite quarries which we generally visit at least once a year, and are always looking for others.

We also have occasional non-collecting trips; we've taken bus trips to museums, and guided tours of historical mining sites. Some of these trips may be open to non-members.
Collecting in a quarry
We collect in quarries...
Collecting mine dumps
...and on old mine dumps.

Skytop construction in the snow
Sometimes we try to push the collecting season a little.

ice covering crystals
That's ice encasing the strontianite crystals.

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