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Central Pennsylvania doubly terminated quartz crystal.  Artwork © John Passaneau.
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generally meets the third Wednesday of each month, August through May.
For Fall 2023, we are meeting at Boal Hall
(Boalsburg Fire Hall, 113 East Pine St., Boalsburg PA 16827).
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All are welcome to attend our meetings!
Parents must provide supervision of minors.

Mineral collectors and rockhounds, earth scientists and dinosaur lovers will all enjoy our activities.

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December 13th HOLIDAY DINNER

at Quaker Steak & Lube restaurant,
State College

We hope that you will join us! On Wednesday, December 13, 6:00 p.m., rather than our usual meeting and program, we will have our Holiday Dinner at Quaker Steak & Lube Restaurant, 501 Benner Pike (across Benner Pike from the Nittany Mall), State College, PA 16801 in their "Corvette Room" at the back of the restaurant. The entire restaurant is decorated in automotive memorabilia making the place and our event a lot of fun. There actually is a real red Corvette suspended from the ceiling above part of the Corvette Room.

NMS will pay for appetizer plates to be shared by all those present, then attendees can order and pay for their own dinners. We'll have door prizes also, and both NMS and members who have signed up will have items for sale. -Editor

October 8 - 14 was Earth Science Week!

Thank you, everyone, for participating in our August Show and Tell! Photos of Jim Garthe's rock spheres and their custom metal holders are at Sphere-handout-1.pdf.

Some online presentations of interest:
From NMS:

How to Study an Asteroid: Penn State's role in NASA's OSIRIS-REx Mission (video)
Dr. Kate Freeman's presentation: NMS April 2023
See also this news story.

Geode Night - The Journey of the Mexican Geode, Las Choyas Geode Mine, Chihuahua, Mexico (video)
Jeff Smith's presentation: NMS March 2023

A Modernized Stratigraphic Framework: Revising and Reconciling Stratigraphy Across Pennsylvania (video)
Hailey Filippelli's presentation: NMS February 2023

Flintknapping 101 (video)
Ken Burton's presentation:
NMS September 2022

Show and Tell (video)
presentation by NMS members and guests:
NMS August 2022

Pennsylvania Caves: A Geological Overview (video)
Dr. William B. White's presentation:
NMS May 2022

Land and Geology of Pennsylvania, "A Portrait of our Commonwealth" (video)
Dr. Robert Altamura's presentation:
NMS April 2022

Applied Paleontology (video)
Dr. Charles E. Miller, Jr.'s presentation:
NMS February 2022

The Seven Metals of Antiquity That Forged the Modern World (video)
Paul Fagley's presentation:
NMS January 2022

Iris Agates and Cantor Dusts: The Textural Complexity of Agates (video)
Dr. Peter Heaney's presentation
NMS September 2021

Show and Tell (video)
presented by the members
NMS August 2021

"Evolution" of a Fossil – Arthrophycus alleghaniensis: The story of the "Jointed Seaweed" (video)
Paul Fagley's presentation: NMS May 2021
Also see photo: variety of diameters of Arthrophycus

Start to Finish: The Process of Mining to Selling New Mexico Thundereggs (video)
Lori Lytle Coleman's presentation: NMS April 2021
Some related links:

Gembone: Gem Dino Bone (video)
Daniel Bontempo's presentation: NMS March 2021

Caves and Karst: The Crossroads of the Geosciences (video)
Dr. George Veni's presentation: NMS February 2021
Some related links:
IYCK website,
National Cave and Karst Research Institute website,
Karst Information Portal,
International Union of Speleology website,
UIS Facebook page,
UIS Twitter account,
and/or the new
UIS Instagram page.

Dinosaurs of Pennsylvania: What we know about them and their neighbors (video)
Dr. Steven E. Jasinski's presentation: NMS January 2021

Spherical Structures in Rhyolite (video)
Daniel Bontempo's presentation: NMS December 2020

Making the Case for Celestine as the Pennsylvania State Mineral (video)
Dr. Peter Heaney's presentation: NMS November 2020

Jeri Jones' Zoom Rock Room: Weekly Zoom geology presentations, mostly related to Pennsylvania. Go to and click on 'Zoom Rock Room' at top of right-hand column, where you can regsiter to be included.

The staff of the Penn State Earth & Mineral Sciences Museum and Art Gallery is actively adding interesting material to their Facebook page while the museum is closed. Several posts were added for Earth Science Week (October 11 - 17) and National Fossil Day. They also have several videos on their YouTube channel:
The Obelisk:
Pyrite disease:

National Fossil Day October 14, 2020
Earth Science Week October 11-17
The National Park Service's National Fossil Day was Wednesday, October 14. National Fossil Day was right in the middle of Earth Science Week, October 11 - 17, 2020, celebrating the theme "Earth Materials in Our Lives." Educational materials are available.

As of December, the EFMLS web site has a video of a Bob Jones presentation, Wulfenite - My Favorite Mineral. Go to and scroll down a couple of screens to find it.

Watch a professionally recorded story of dinosaur fossil excavation in Colorado.

As of October, videos of the 2020 Dallas Mineral Collecting Symposium are still available by following the links at

We have a new online video presentation for summer 2020, thanks to Dr. Andrew Sicree:

Nicolaus Steno, the most important scientist you've never heard of (the father of mineralogy, crystallography, geology, and paleontology).
It is in two parts on YouTube (improved audio clarity in this presentation); to view it, use each of the following links:
Part 1 Part 2

Our May 2020 program by Dr. Sicree is still available:
Fluorite: The Fourth Mineral
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Weekly Junior Rockhounds Meetings have been postponed. We continue to monitor the situation. Watch this web site for any updates.

With thanks for many of these to AFMS April 2020 Newsletter and Three Rivers Gem & Mineral Society of Fort Wayne Indiana's The Strata Data newsletter.
Smithsonian Scroll down to see the tips before starting a tour.
Yale - Peabody Museum of Natural History Via Rock & Gem magazine web site (thanks go to them); scroll down to find the image that links to the tour.
South Dakota School of Mines & Technology - Mosasaur at Museum of Geology Scroll down to 'YouTube Playlist"
Houston Museum of Natural Science Dinosaurs!
Rice Northwest Museum of Rocks & Minerals
Society of Mineral Museum Professionals (SMMP) Curator's Pick Gallery Curators choose their favorite specimens. Hosted by Mindat.
SMMP Wulfenite Gallery
Geology of the National Parks Penn State GEOSC 10 virtual field trips
American Southwest Virtual Museum
Virtual Museum of Minerals and Molecules Click on Displays at upper right
Davidson Institute of Science Education, of the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel, has links to several more museum virtual tours worldwide, including natural history museums.
Podcast of GEOL-101 type lectures (podcasts #1 to 28). Videos linked from the web site also; all by Nick Zentner of Central Washington University.

For additional current news see our NMS Bulletin (link at top of sidebar at left).

T-shirts in Galapagos Blue and Texas Orange
NMS has in stock T-shirts in Galapagos blue, Texas orange (both shown here) and royal blue.

A station at our Minerals Junior Education Day
A station at our Minerals Junior Education Day

Celestine crystal cluster 2020: CELESTINE: Pennsylvania State Mineral?
See also Nov. 2020 Bulletin.

Collecting in a quarry
Collecting crystals in a quarry

Five different posters
We have NMS posters for sale!

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