The Nittany Lion looks out from a 
Central Pennsylvania doubly terminated quartz crystal.  Artwork © John Passaneau.
Nittany Mineralogical Society, Inc.
State College, Pennsylvania


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Please make arrangements to pick up items you wish to purchase.
We are generally not able to ship these items (except perhaps t-shirts).
Payments should be made to NMS.


new color:
Galapagos Blue
NMS will be selling our T-shirts for $9 each in new colors: Galapagos Blue (a bluish teal) and Texas Orange. Each shirt is printed on both sides, map on front and specimens on back like the old ones shown below (the new shirts will have an updated back with the addition of a faceted gem and our current web address).

new color:
Texas Orange
Sizes in our initial stock were: Adult S, M, L, XL, 2XL to 5XL; Youth S (6-8), M (10-12), L (14-16), XL (18-20).

All cotton, machine washable. All printed the same, map on front and specimens on back.
$9.00 each, no tax.

Click on a photo for a larger view.

Front, Kelly green
Adult sizes of older colors still available:
Small: Kelly green, black.
Medium: Kelly green.
Large: blue.
X-Large: blue, sage green.
XX-Large: blue, Kelly green, sage green.

Back (old design), bright blue

Photographed by John Passaneau with digital stacking techniques for impressive
depth of focus, and optimized for the specific printer model for best sharpness.
Please allow time for printing and mounting to order.
13" x 19" except old stock of 2008 issue 18" x 24."
Unmounted: $10.38 + 0.62 tax = $11.00.
Mounted on foamcore: $15.09 + 0.91 tax = $16.00.
Click on a poster for a larger view.
blue hemimorphite poster

yellow dogtooth calcite poster

green and white micro crystals poster
Atacamite, etc. (micro)

golden calcite poster

green prismatic crystals poster
Pyromorphite (micro)

A MINERAL SET for the New Collector
Click on photo for a larger view.
18 colorful specimens
- most show crystal faces
- many are popular gem minerals
- source localities noted

28-page booklet by John S. White, former curator-in-charge of the Smithsonian's famous mineral and gem collection.

Use the descriptions to identify the specimens, then check your answers with the key inside the booklet's back cover.

$18.87 + 1.13 tax = $20.00

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