The Nittany Lion looks out from a 
Central Pennsylvania doubly terminated quartz crystal.  Artwork © John Passaneau.
Nittany Mineralogical Society, Inc.
State College, Pennsylvania

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March 2021:
Gembone: Gem Dino Bone
by Daniel Bontempo

February 2021:
Caves and Karst:
The Crossroads of the Geosciences
by Dr. George Veni, National Cave and Karst Research Institute

January 2021:
Dinosaurs of Pennsylvania:
What we know about them and their neighbors
by Dr. Steven Jasinski, State Museum of Pennsylvania

December 2020:
Spherical Structures in Rhyolite
by Daniel Bontempo

November 2020:
Making the Case for Celestine as the Pennsylvania State Mineral
by Dr. Peter Heaney, Penn State

Summer 2020:
Nicolaus Steno, the most important scientist you've never heard of (the father of mineralogy, crystallography, geology, and paleontology).
by Dr. Andrew Sicree
It is in two parts on YouTube (improved audio clarity in this presentation); to view it, use each of the following links:
Part 1 Part 2

May 2020:
Fluorite: The Fourth Mineral
by Dr. Andrew Sicree
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

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